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render of DuoGrip Toothbrush

DuoGrip toothbrush


Fusion 360, Keyshot, model-making

Starting with a research demographic of kids ages 2-6, I focused on fine motor skill development and if there are any problems that the demographic needs fixed.

I researched the demographic along with parents for about 4 weeks before starting to ideate, the research lead to the process of brushing teeth to be a problem.

The DuoGrip Toothbrush allows for the parents to properly teach their kids how to brush their teeth, since they are not meant to do it alone until they are old enough to. The brush has two handles, allowing for both the parent and the child to hold while the parent brushes, effectively teaching proper form through doing. The brush is used as a teaching tool until ages 6-7 when the child knows how to properly brush their own teeth, they are ready to use a normal adult brush.